Trent Hills Ghost Seekers

Is there life after physical death? Are our deceased loved ones still a part of our lives? Are they okay? Will we be re-united one day? Join us in our quest for answers to these questions and more..

 Love is eternal.........


  Up until Miles' death in 2002, I believed souls, because of unfinished business or a traumatic death became ghosts and haunted the living. After, I realized there were also spirits, who, because of a strong bond they'd shared with a spouse, parent or other person in their lifetime, would find a way to let their loved one know they were still with them and as strongly connected as ever........


The quest

My husband Miles and I bought a bungalow in Hastings, Ontario Canada, in 1997. From the day we moved in there were strange banging noises on doors and walls, electrical problems and once, as I was walking into the furnace room, the door slammed in my face. The house was built in 1950 and although it was rented out for a couple of years, it had remained in the original builders family until the last member died and we bought it from the estate. After moving in, we were told by neighbors that at least two of the previous owners family members had died in the house.

After the sudden 2002 death of my husband in our home, the unexplainable incidents escalated dramatically. People  witnessed white and black shadows in the shape of human beings and mattresses would bounce, as if someone were jumping on them. There were louder and more frequent knockings on walls and doors, as well as several other strange occurrences, all of which seemed to get worse when there were overnight guests.

When I started capturing uncanny images in photographs, taken in different rooms of the house, I began to think maybe there is a way to prove a haunting. So for several months Debbie B. and I focused on investigating my home, with some amazing photographic results. 

With so much going on there, we decided to increase our chances of getting  proof of the souls survival, by going out to locally "haunted" sites. For the first year it was just Debbie and I using the basic two digital cameras. We ended up in some pretty spooky locations, snapping picture after picture. As our photographs increased in anomalies and more people saw them, our number of investigators went up.

 That's when I decided to start this group of "seekers". As a team, we go on location once a week in the winter, then twice a week in the spring/summer/fall seasons.



This was taken in my living room in 2004. Check the purple streak by door. There where 15 photos snapped, one after the other that had similar streaks. All were in different areas of the living room, as if it were in motion.


This was taken in my driveway in 2003

The day which we fear as our last is but the birthday of eternity.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca


Our episode of "MY GHOST STORY" is now on, episode 63