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Is there life after physical death? Are our deceased loved ones still a part of our lives? Are they okay? Will we be re-united one day? Join us in our quest for answers to these questions and more..


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Your book was so interesting I  couldn't put it down.  I had visions of what people looked like to the feeling that I knew you (them) your whole life.  I needed to know more about your beloved husband (RIP) and throughout the book questioned "was it him who snuggled up to you"?  The 3 flowers left sent chills down my spine in fact through the whole book I felt almost on edge like I was right there with you.  Your life has been full of sadness but somehow when I read your book I had a smile on my face for now people can enjoy the thought/belief that our loved ones never leave us.  You are an amazing women in my eyes to open up your home and share your stories.  Thanks for a great read and hope to read "part 2" lol of your books.
Sincerely Donna Hogue

“One woman’s sincere account of her experiences with spirits that left me exhilarated and wanting to read more and more; a fascinating read!”

                                                                                                                                                            ~ J.M.

I have just finished reading "Surrounded By Spirits - Visitors from Beyond", written by D. J. Turk.  I began this book with an open mind and found it to be one of the most interesting books I have ever read.  The sitiuations, examples and pictures she used in her book add to the mystery of what is beyond. 
I recommend this book to anyone who has unanswered questions - it can bring you closer to believing!
Michelle Beaudoin.

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Written by Susan St Clair (Psican)) 

I started reading books on paranormal topics during my early teen years, and I can honestly say that over the past three plus decades I cannot remember when a book of this genre has moved me to tears. At least that was the case up until last week when I had the pleasure of reading D.J Turk's Surrounded By Spirits: Visitors From Beyond. Dorothy's (the author's full given name) book goes far beyond an average collection of ghost stories, and serves more as an autobiography that includes several encounters with ghosts and haunting activity.

Dorothy's book takes us through her formative years growing up with her brothers in rural Ontario in the 1960s to the present day. Her journey is one that is filled with much love, and happiness, triumphs, and tragedy, as well as sorrow. As a very young woman we learn that Dorothy suffers with survivor's guilt over an accident that claimed the life of her boyfriend, close girlfriend, and her beloved younger brother. It was through this horrific tragedy that the author first has an experience that will eventually help to cement her belief that life, and love does go on beyond the grave.

We as readers are invited to travel along with the author as she shares her life story with us, and that story is an intriguing one! It is very easy to identify with the author as a hard working Canadian woman, trying to live the best that she can (just like we all do) who on occasion throughout her life has what can only be described as some extraordinary experiences. Dorothy's writing style is easy, and in no way pretentious, making the reading of her book like having a good and riveting conversation with someone whose words you are hanging on because you are genuinely interested in what they have to say.

As I stated above I have read many books of this genre including ones that are billed as "true" accounts of the paranormal. More often than not these "true ghost stories" read more like Hollywood fiction (think Amittyville Horror) and are quite predictable or at best leave you with the sense that they are either being embellished upon or sexed up in order to sell more copies, appeal to horror fans, and/or possibly garner a movie offer. And I am especially wary when said books are written by self-styled ghost hunters who are seemingly LARPing their favourite paranormal "reality" tv shows. 


What is so refreshing about reading Dorothy's account of her paranormal experiences, and what sets them apart is that they have a strong ring of absolute sincerity, and truth to them. In this book you will not find blood dripping from the ceilings, nor evil demonic forces chasing the family out of their home in the middle of a dark and stormy night nor anything else that smacks of a B horror film or Stephen King novel. What you will find is an honest accounting of experiences with the paranormal such as has been reported by people of various walks of life, and cultures over millennia. The author herself admits that while some of her encounters have been quite chilling especially as they were happening, over all, living in a "haunted house" was more annoying than anything else, particularly once she took the time to research the topic, and begin to conduct investigations of her own. Knowledge is definitely power, and I believe that others going through similar experiences would benefit from reading Dorothy's book.

Much like this book might not appeal to a horror fiction fan, I am equally confident in saying I do not think it will change the minds of any sceptics or doubters. These are real experiences, but of course they are subjective to the experiencer as are the photos that the author has chosen to include in her book. There is no "proof" within this book that will satisfy everyone that spirits of the dead interact with living people.

However, this book should appeal to any serious researcher or student of the paranormal, including those with a strong interest in historical accountings of hauntings in the province of Ontario, Canada. It will also be of interest to anyone that enjoys reading personal ghost stories, and those who are open to the possibility that human consciousness survives bodily death.

What I personally most enjoyed about Surrounded By Spirits: Visitors From Beyond is that it reinforces my own belief that no matter what the true cause of these encounters with the unknown they are in fact a very human experience, and perhaps just a natural extension of our own experience while on this plane so to speak.

Well done Dorothy! I wish you success in all your endeavours, and I look forward to your next book.


 Surrounded by Spirits is the life journey of Dorothy Turk and a captivating read that includes her story of the heart wrenching deaths of her brothers, friends and much beloved husband. After many inexplicable feelings, happenings and encounters, Dorothy captures anomalies with her camera and learns that many other people around the world have documented similar orbs and fog-like spirits. Dorothy sets out on a quest that determines her belief in soul survival, proving to herself and others that life isn’t the end and that the soul and love live on.


Dorothy, I loved your moving and inspiring book! Thank you for being so brave as to share your story.  Your choice to go out on a limb has led to this wonderful book, which will comfort anyone who has experienced strange happenings after the death of a loved one. I highly recommend Surrounded by Spirits to anyone looking for a great, comforting read!


Mary McGillis

Speakers From The Heart

Surrounded by Spirits: Visitors From Beyond
D.J. Turk
Trafford Publishing
98 pages

Author D. J. Turk reveals her link with the spirit world in her book Surrounded by Spirits: Visitors From Beyond. In this volume that includes photographs of spirit sightings Turk describes encounters she has had with spirits throughout her life; some positive and others frightening.

One of the author’s earliest experiences with spirits occurred after her baby brother, Brian, was killed in a car accident along with two of their friends.  “Even in sleep, my feelings of guilt showed in recurring dreams (11).” After a year of torment, her brother visits her in a dream and tells her to let him go.

A few years later, the author marries and has two sons. This marriage ends in divorce and the young mother and her sons move into an apartment where they later learn that a murder had been committed. Several incidents occur in this apartment: Things found in places far from where they had been left; the sense of being watched; and the smell of food cooking in the middle of the night. “Each time I’d lay my head on the pillow, I’d hear a slow, steady breathing, as if someone were in a deep, peaceful sleep (18).” Family members who lived with the author briefly also had frightening experiences with the spirit in the apartment, including sightings of a tall, slim man standing next to their bed.

When Turk learned from her landlord that the anniversary of the murder of the former tenant would fall on her birthday, she worked quickly to move her family out of the building.

Turk remarries and has many years of happiness with her new husband and her children. While her home life is peaceful and absent of spirits, at her job as an assistant in a retirement home, she is faced with the presence of footsteps and even the image of a spirit that appeared in the screen of a television that was not turned on. Following her husband’s sudden death, Turk began experiencing the activities of spirits in her own home. Her husband’s spirit was among the small group that occupied her house.

The author offers not only her own testimony about these spiritual happenings, but also accounts of family members, friends, and co-workers who experienced many of the events with Turk. This book is an honest approach to a controversial topic. While a reader may come to the book with skepticism, it quickly becomes apparent that Turk writes from a place of sincerity and deep belief in her experiences. It is not an attempt to persuade but to share and to challenge those with minds open enough to receive the offering.

As the story continues, the reader learns that Turk is motivated by the events in her life to pursue recording the spirit activity via audio and visual methods. Her curiosity leads her to establish a group that investigates and records paranormal phenomenon near her home in Trent Hills, Ontario.

Surrounded by Spirits is an informative and inspiring look at one woman’s connection to the spirit world and the impact these encounters have had on her perception of the afterlife.

Melissa Levine
Independent Professional Book Reviewers


Laura Chatten Hi there,
just wanted to let you know that my mom read your book after me and thought that it was amazing!!! She loved it as much as i did, so congrats : )


Once I started reading "SURROUNDED BY SPIRITS", I had a hard time putting it down! The author picks you up and carries you along, making the reader feel like they're actually a witness to the ghostly experience themselves. The only negative thing I can say is, I wanted more!
                                I can't wait to read your next book.
                                               Sam McKay

"An easy read.  Well presented documentation of experiences with spirits. Chilling............!!!" D.Mac Donald


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