Trent Hills Ghost Seekers

Is there life after physical death? Are our deceased loved ones still a part of our lives? Are they okay? Will we be re-united one day? Join us in our quest for answers to these questions and more..

A bit of the buildings history...

The Old Ottawa Jail is now a hostel operated by Hosteling Int. and is located on Nicholas Street in the city of Ottawa. Originally the Carlton County Gaol was known locally as the Nicolas Street Gaol or just as the Ottawa Jail. When the jail closed in 1972, Hostelling International purchased and converted the building, but left much of the structure intact, allowing guests to experience spending a night "in jail". The top floor, which had served as the jail's death row, has been over the years restored to its original condition. Daily, as well as special event tours, are conducted through out  the year.

The hostel is said to be haunted by the spirits of prisoners of the one-time jail. Hostel staff and guests have reported many strange and unusual events in the building, from disimbodied voices and slamming doors, to ghostly apparitions appearing in the corridors. Most frightening of all has been the sudden manifesting of ghosts at the foot of overnight guests beds. It has been speculated that one spirit haunting the building is that of Patrick Whelan, who was hanged at the jail for a crime that he may not have committed. Whelan had also requested that he be buried in his family's plot in Montreal, but instead he was buried secretly somewhere on the grounds of jail.


top photo; the side entrance door that leads into the enclosed anti chamber in the bottom photo. 

All Hallows Eve

 After getting lost several times in Ottawa and one very funny encounter ( because of  entering a bus only street) with one of the city's finest, Debbie, Celeste, Mandy and I finally arrived at our destination. Once there, we checked in, settled into our room, then and only then did we do a once over of our surroundings.

After that, we waited for darkness. Unfortunately, since it was Halloween, the powers that be decided to have, instead of one daily tour at 7:00 p.m., as usual,  different tour guides would be taking people around every fifteen minutes. These ran from 7:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m., so we were very limited to where we could go, until after the final group. 

In the meantime, we met several very nice people who were either there for the same reason as our group, or, who were visitors to our country and found hostelling the most convienient and economical means of travel. Whatever the reasons for being there, everyone we talked to added something special to our trip!

At 12:00 a.m., we headed for death row!

This was the site of many reported ghostly encounters and although the other floors had had their share of stories, the most extreme accounts came from death row. It's little wonder, when you think of all the strong emotions that being confined on that floor would invoke. Always knowing, your only hope of leaving is by your death, but not sure if even in death you'll find your release. 

Photos From Death Row

This picture shows how small a cell was.night shot the next shot.. check out up by the light.....Debbie, with one of the other people staying at the hostel, checking out a photo.

Photos with Anomalies

1st picture; This is the floor our cell was on...

2nd; notice the moving orb on one of our investigators.

This is death row..As I was taking photos in the cell (first open door)  I had the overwhelming feeling of someone extremely angry, standing right in front my face. This is one of only two photos, out of about twenty taken of that cell, that has anything strange in it.


Our episode of "MY GHOST STORY" is now on, episode 63