Trent Hills Ghost Seekers

Is there life after physical death? Are our deceased loved ones still a part of our lives? Are they okay? Will we be re-united one day? Join us in our quest for answers to these questions and more..

Rules of An Investigation

1: Never go on an investigation alone. As well as being potentially dangerous, without a partner, you could miss an opportunity to get proof of the haunting.

2: Never trespass. Always get permission before entering any private locations.                 

3: Dress appropriately and always carry I.D. 

4: No smoking, drinking or using drugs before or during investigation. Always wear long hair tied back, be aware of where the camera strap is, never face the sun or a reflective surface when taking photographs. These things can all lead to false anomalies in the pictures.

5:Never take pictures while driving or walking, these cause the dreaded dust orbs. Also never take photos when it's raining, snowing or foggy,  you'll get false orbs.

6: Try to keep a positive attitude. Negativity attracts negativity. 

7: Respect, honesty and a professional attitude are the three most valuable assets of an investigator, whether  it's an abandoned building, cemetery or a private residence. 

8: When a person asks for help with a haunting, listen, don't judge. Record everything they tell you about the incident, then research the location as much as possible. 

9: Make sure that the occupants of the residence are comfortable with your procedures, explain the equipment and if possible what you're doing and why you're doing it.

10: Frequently a natural cause can be found for the disturbances. You have to be very careful how you explain this to the witnesses. Most will be relieved, but if it's not explained properly, some may feel that you think they were lying or just looking for attention.

:11: Even if you don't find proof of a haunting at the time of the investigation, it does not mean there is not one. Spirits don't perform on cue, they're detectable on their schedule, not ours. The thing to do in that case is to ask the witnesses to call you, if and when the haunting starts again. Hopefully , you've left them with a positive memory of your  investigation, so that if need be in the future, they'd have no qualms about contacting you again.


 Right from the first interview with someone requesting our help, we tell them, we are not mediums or psychics. If they want us to, we can recommend someone we've worked with on previous cases.

First and foremost, we're interested in gathering proof of the existence of spirits and ghosts.





Our episode of "MY GHOST STORY" is now on, episode 63