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Is there life after physical death? Are our deceased loved ones still a part of our lives? Are they okay? Will we be re-united one day? Join us in our quest for answers to these questions and more..

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To believe with certainty, we must begin by doubting - Polish proverb

We are not "ghost busters", nor do we claim to be experts in the field of the paranormal.What we are, is a group of people interested in collecting audio and visual proof of life after death.

  Although we would love to have everyone reading this link join our team of "ghost hunters" on an actual investigation, we know that would be impossible. So instead please feel free to contribute any way you can, i.e. sharing your true ghost encounters, posting photos or anything else that will add positively to our site.
 Our groups main goal, is to collect evidence that the soul lives on...............



This photo was taken in McBurney Park in Kingston, better known locally and to Creepy Canada fans, as Skeleton Park. Originally this park was a cemetery. After moving some of the graves the remainder of bodies were left and the area converted to the park we see today.



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Face in Abandoned Church Basement

The following photograph was taken through the basement window after hearing a scratching sound coming from the interior of the building.

The light at the top of the photo is from the camera being a bit to far from the window pane, when the picture was snapped.  There are two images on the bottom right...

when the image closest to the center is blown up, you get this.....

New photos from McBurney Park in Kingston

This photo was taken around 7:30 p.m. on September 25th 2010. For the last hour and a half of that visit I, as well as a very gifted medium, had felt a very agitated presence around us. So I started snapping pictures and this is what I caught. There were two witnesses to my taking the photo and can attest to the fact there were only the three of us in that area of the park. Since one of them was directly behind me and the other was sitting on the bottom of the slide, off to the far right in the park, there is no way anyone could have gotten in front of the camera.

Sir John A. Mac Donalds graveyard.

There were three separate investigative groups from the Hastings/Peterborough area that met up at McBurney Park on that trip, but, only our group went to the final resting place of Sir John A. Mac Donald. It is a huge beautiful cemetery with several separate areas for the different nationalities and religions, with many prominent figures from the past buried there as well. Anyway, before McBurney Park became a park, it was a cemetery, but in order to make the change over bodies had to be re-interred at different locations. So, anyone that could afford the cost of moving relatives bodies, did, but there were 100's of graves, for one reason or another that were left and simply had the headstones knocked over and landscaped above them. Several of those that were moved were taken to the cemetery we visited that day. The following photo was taken in that graveyard, by an area that had a higher count of babies graves than other parts of the cemetery. One of the group was just mentioning that strange observation, when I noticed a beautiful red squirrel, up ahead a bit, sitting quietly, starring at us. I hadn't seen one that color since I was young so I decided to get a photo of it, but each time I'd think I had the perfect shot, it would run away. Finally it climbed into a hole in a tree, so after checking to make sure he was in a position that I could catch his cute little face, I snapped a picture. The bottom photo is definitely not the squirrels face, but you can decide for yourself what showed up..... 


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