Trent Hills Ghost Seekers

Is there life after physical death? Are our deceased loved ones still a part of our lives? Are they okay? Will we be re-united one day? Join us in our quest for answers to these questions and more..

Conclusion: Although there were several reliable witnesses to many of the unexplainable occurrences in this home, including some members of our team, unfortunately, we weren't able to capture any of them on film or audio.

This case was reported to T.H.G.S. in October 2009. The original request for an investigation came after, from all accounts a very happy family of 5 moved into an older brick farmhouse in the Bowmanville Ontario area. 

The family, because of the mothers occupation asked that we not use their real names, nor exact location of the home. So for this report we'll call the father Jeff, mom Mary, sons Steve and Marty. Along with the immediate family members, living in the home was an older female relative we'll call Annie. 

From their first few nights in the new home the two boys, 14 and 7 had repeatedly told their parents about the noises and darting shadows they were being kept awake by at night. At first the parents thought the boys, because of not wanting to leave Toronto to  live in the country in the first place, were trying to get their parents to reconsider moving back.

That idea lasted only until the morning Mary was walking down the front stairs and felt invisible hands push her. Luckily, when she fell, she was only a few steps from the bottom, so other than a bruised knee, she was fine. 

After that guests and family were to witness; dishes being thrown, television channels turned from one station to another, icy cold spots, black human shaped shadows, the scent of lilacs in the formal dining room, in the middle of winter, unintelligible whispering emitting from empty rooms and lights and radio turning on in the middle of the night.

When Mary contacted us the incidents had increased to the point she and Jeff were so stressed, over lack of sleep and never knowing what would happen next, that their marriage was being affected. Marty the youngest son was so terrified his parents had sent him to stay with other family members, back in Toronto.

After doing an in home interview with the family and witnessing first hand, the genuine fear the family was experiencing, we set up a night to do our first of 4 overnight investigations.

The first 2 overnight vigils were uneventful. As a matter of fact, Sam, one of our investigators and myself witnessed very little in the way of unexplainable occurrences. Most of the noises we heard could be accounted for by the huge old furnace in the basement turning on and off. The house although beautiful, needed the original windows replaced. The draft that came from around them, could account for some of the cold spots.

Although we took over 100 photographs, nothing showed up in any of them. The same as the voice recorders, after hours of listening, the only noises to be heard were made by Sam or me.

The 3rd night we set up again, this time as well as audio and video, we also sprinkled powder in certain reportedly active locations. That night we got a few orbs, some solid white, while others were multicolored. The powder was undisturbed. There were a couple of noises we, no matter how hard we tried, couldn't explain. One was the sound of footsteps coming down the back kitchen stairs, that were in clear sight of us and totally void of any human or animal. Next, while we were sitting at the kitchen table talking at 3:00 a.m., the bathroom door that was straight across from us, opened very slowly. Almost like it was being opened by someone.Other than those things, the night was quiet.

 The last night was a different story. 

This time, because Sam had other commitments, I went alone. It was a Friday night in February, so Steve was spending the week-end with the same relative his brother Marty was with. Annie was in the hospital suffering from a severe side effect of one of the treatments she was receiving for her cancer, so that left Jeff and Mary. 

They decided to stay up and help me monitor the activity in their home.  That night, maybe because they were there, several of the things they'd talked about in the original interview, were now being witnessed by me.

As on the previous night of investigation, the sounds of footsteps on the stairs could be heard. While we were in the formal dining room, having coffee, we heard the unmistakable sounds of running feet coming from the hallway above us. We all went up to see if we could find any explanation for the noise. Nothing. Later on, around 4:30 a.m. while taking some photos in the dirt floor basement, we heard a door slam somewhere above us. Although every door in the house, other than the boys bedrooms, which were always closed, were still open, we know what we heard. As a matter of fact, listening to the tapes later, it amazingly, had picked up the sound of a door being slammed. The photos from that night showed only a few colored orbs.

Two weeks later I went back to give them the results of all the video footage and audio we'd taken over those 4 nights investigating. As I said earlier the only things we got were a few orbs and a door slamming on the recorder. Although we didn't get much in the line of solid physical proof, we can't discount what we experienced, nor the validity of the other witnesses encounters.

 Our opinion is; there is definitely something going on in that house.